Carobtor FJ CRUISER digital dashboard(For Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007-2022 )


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FJ01 FJ02

FJ dashboard add-ons *

You can choose Carobotor buttons and TMPS together with the dashboard

Attention: If  your steering wheel doesn’t have buttons on it, then you can’t use the dashboard directly.   You can buy our Carobotor FJ Cruiser button together and make the dashboard works.


If your FJ has OEM buttons on the steering wheel, you can use them directy. (If you like ours you also can have together)


If you want to make the TPMS works, you can order Carobotor TMPS kit together.


For the TMPS, we have different kits, you can choose differnt numbers sensors to fit your requirements.



Please check the icon on your FJ facotry dash and then choose the correct model as the picture:



Carobotor FJ digital dash can fit all FJ cruiser 2007-2020 car models. FJ Plus is a unique and high quantity upgrade digital instrument cluster for FJ Cruiser. It’s the first aftermarket digital dashboard for FJ cruise. The Carobotor Digital Dash upgrades your FJ Cruiser factory digital dashboard to a fully functional digital version. It can give you so many data that the factory dash doesn’t have, like TPMS, torque, oil pressure, coolant temperature etc.


Carobotor FJ cruiser digital dash is Plug and play, you only need remove your factory dash and plug Carobotor FJ Plus. Everyone can finish it within 30 mins even you are not a technician.

Tire pressure monitor System (TPMS)

Carobotor has the TPMS works together with the FJ digital dash. It will show all tire pressures on the dash, this will make your off-road more safer.

Features and advantages:

  1. The boot speed of carobotor FJ cruiser digital dash is very fast, only 3 seconds. It’s designed only for FJ.
  2. Several modes can swift smoothly. Wild Hunter model, highway model, off-road model, FJ original model and Desert Eagle model. You can choose every theme follow your mood.
  3. Carobotor FJ digital dash can do personality customized for your FJ. You can add nickname and show your unique name on your FJ Plus. You can choose the same color with your FJ.
  4. So many important driving data can be displayed in one interface. You can know your driving states easily, It gives you more convenient interactive experience.
  5. Carobotor FJ cruiser digital dash show all original data. The Linux system is very stable and reliable. It’s an independent R&D system with CAROBOTOR OS.
  6. The crisp HD quality screen can upgrade your off-road driving experience. Full LCD display provides ultimate visual experience.
  7. Accurate data display during all complex road conditions.
  8. You can choose all measurement units by yourself, as RHD or LHD, MPH or KPH, PSI or BAR, KM or Miles etc.








1, All CaRobotor products have 2 years warranty.

2, Don’t support return after you activate and install it.

3, You have to pay the shipping fees and return shipping fees if you don’t open the box wtihin 5 days after receive it.

4, If you believe your package was damaged in shipping, we require that you contact us within 5 days of delivery, and we will work with you to quickly resolve the issue.

Please take a photo of the original packaging (including the package the order was shipped in) so we may follow up with our shipper if needed.
5, The limited warranty covers the original purchaser, and product must be purchased from an authorized Alpine dealer. Include your proof of purchase indicating that the product was purchased during the warranty period. Please keep your original receipt and send only a copy to us. 





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